How can the French-speaking world become accessible to authors?

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How can the French-speaking world become accessible to authors?

How can the French-speaking world become accessible to authors?

As an English-speaking author, you want to sell your books on the French market, how can you be sure to make it most effectively? Who is the right person to translate your books into French, to promote them on the French market?

French culture is something pretty different and unfamiliar to English-speaking authors. That’s why they often don’t dare to risk to go out of their comfort zone, which is quite understandable, but a pity because they are missing a great opportunity, and they know it!

Trying to enter a different culture implies being aware of the related etiquettes and habits. French mentality can seem a bit hermetic to people who are not used to this complex and controversial world. In their defence, I will mention the somewhat arrogant or provocative attitude of French on occasions, which has to be understood rather like a French-style comedy than just like a genuinely grounded wish to openly criticise things, but an ambiguous and often misunderstood attitude, still, which is likely to actually bring doubt and unclearness in the English-speaking authors’ minds. This is a matter of fact: the French enjoy this game where there is always something that does not satisfy them. They like to seem “grumpy” and to always find something to be unsatisfied with around them. This is a comedy which is part of their mentality, and this is a typical example of why it’s easy to be mistaken when willing to enter this world full of etiquettes and contradictory appearances, and be fully recognised as a actor on this scene.

So, what can I do to promote my books on the French market?

Given what was just said, how can the French-speaking world become accessible to authors? There is a solution! But you will need sound advice to make it. In order to help you enter this world and make your book known on the French market, competent people in both translation and literary promotion offer proper services at very competitive prices so that you don’t have to worry about not only how the book itself will be translated, but most importantly how the book spirit will be kept, and how it will be introduced on the French market, the aim being that it is given a maximum chance of being well welcomed and getting a lot of success.

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